"Is this what marriage is suppose to be like? I feel so alone."


"Why am I always doing everything? You don't appreciate me!"


"I'm tired of arguing! I don't want our children to grow up like I did."

Connect on a deeper level and gain more peace in your relationship.

Relationship Building Activities

This retreat will help you discover ways to maintain a fulfilling relationship. Over a 3 day period you will encounter engaging hands-on activities that will allow you to connect deeper with your mate.

Private Counseling Session

Experience a private couples session with a licensed counselor. The licensed counselor will base the session on your self discoveries from the relationship building activities. The counselor will also use findings from a personality assessment to give practical strategies on how to get your needs met in the relationship.

Luxurious Accommodations

Stay at the luxurious mountain resort Bright's Creek, where our Urban Dance instructors will help you ignite that romantic spark and massage therapist will offer relief from busy lifestyles.


Enjoy activities nearby including: golf, horseback riding and water sports.