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Private Couples Retreats

Our weekend retreat will give you a powerful relationship boost. You will experience engaging hands-on activities that will allow you to connect deeper with your mate. Retreats are uniquely designed for each couple based on your relationship needs and leisure accommodation preferences.

Relationship Coaching

"Is this what marriage is suppose to be like? I feel so alone." "Why am I always doing everything? You don't appreciate me!" "I'm tired of arguing! I don't want our children to grow up like I did." Connect on a deeper level and gain more peace in your relationship. We offer relationship coaching in our Charlotte Office as well as online.

Uplifting Seminars

Experience a powerful seminar and leave renewed and inspired. We ensure that your conference is packed with valuable takeaways for maximum impact: offering keynote, half day and full day speaking services. Our speaking services are customized according to your outcome needs including: seminar series, breakout sessions, networking, post conference resources and follow-up services.