• POWER MOVES: For Leaders of Tomorrow Series  

    Work/Life Balance of a Leader, Networking Tips, How to Become Debt Free 
  • WHEN LOVE IS TOXIC: Healthy Relationship Series 

    Healthy Relationships/Dating Violence Prevention 
  • FRIEND-emies: How to Refocus on You

          Ending Fights Before They Start



  • POWER MOVES: For LEADERS Who Juggle It All

    Work/Life Balance Tips for Increased Productivity and Decreased Absenteeism
  • Mental Health First Aid: In The Office

    Learn Signs, How to Talk About & Local Resources for Mental Health 

Conference Speaker: Natasha Oates' speaker style is fun and relatable. She gives takeaways that your group won't forget!

  •                       - Keynote                           

  •                       - Conference/Panel Host

  •                       - Half/Full Day Seminars

  •                       - Take Home Resources

  •                       - Games


"Natasha Oates was phenomenal at our New Day Women's Conference."   - Catrina Reece Ministries

"Awesome speaker. I love her speaking style."     - Angela B.

"Made me remember who I was before I got here...I feel like me again!"      - CFH Women's Empowerment attendee