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Relationship Coaching: Offered Online & in the Charlotte Office

Are you fed up from not getting what you need in your relationship? Relationship stress can cause problems with focusing at work, relaxing at home and worsening health issues. Don't go one more day without investing in your relationship!

Services are provided by Natasha Oates, a Nationally Certified, Licensed & Master's Degree level Relationship Coach.

Couples Learn:

The strengths of their relationship

How to attack issues without attacking each other

4 Argument Styles that are signs of divorce & ways to overcome them

Express relationship needs and concerns and remain connected

Note: Couples' spirituality is valued in the relationship coaching process.




Conference Speaking

"Natasha Oates was phenomenal at our New Day Women's Conference."     

        - Catrina Reece Ministries


"Loved the presentation."  

        - Anonymous Attendee


"Great! Very informative and connected to the topic." 

        - Kelly W.


"Awesome speaker. I love her speaking style."           

          - Angela B.


"Awesome job! She ministered through counseling. Her passion is prevalent and so is her knowledge, training and skills."          

          - S. Martin



Love That Lasts Couples Retreats: Personalized, Private & Powerful

This retreat will help you discover ways to maintain a fulfilling relationship.


Retreat Details:


For 2 days you will encounter engaging hands-on activities that will allow you to connect deeper with your mate learning ways to:

  • Resolve ongoing arguments, unaddressed issues and as a team

  • Tackle problems rather than each others perspectives or character

  • Explore family legacies that need to be created, continued and eliminated

  • Celebrate your strengths as a couple



Retreat Includes:


3 Powerful Activities

2 Fun Relationship Games

Relationship Assessment

Private Relationship Coaching

Travel Agent


Relationship Investment: $540** per couple


**Transportation fees, accommodations, Dance Lesson not included. Dance Lesson is an additional $350 (unless split among other couples). Call for special rates for groups of 5 couples or more. Flex Spending Cards can be used for the retreat fees (not including accommodations or meals).





Sample Schedule:




On Your Own                  8a - 2p

Orientation                     2p - 3p     

Relationship Games       3p - 5p         

Relationship Activity       5p - 6p    

Dinner on your own       6p - 8p       



    Sample Schedule:




Relationship Activity      9a  - 10:30a

Break                              10:30a - 11:00a

Relationship Activity      11a - 1p

Lunch Provided              1p - 2p

Coaching Session          2p - 3:30p                         

On Your Own                 3:30p - until