Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have to be married?

Answer: No, we believe it is important to learn how to have a healthy relationship before entering marriage.

Do you accept my insurance?

       Answer: We currently are in-network with Cigna and Aetna. Flex medical cards and Out of         Network benefits can be used.

       If you prefer to use your insurance (that's not Cigna or Aetna) please call your insurance           carrier (customer service number on the rear of your card) and request that The UP                   Company be added as a mental health provider.

       Many insurances are no longer accepting therapists' requests to be in-network providers,         but will make exceptions when you make the request.

       Another option is requesting that your insurance company authorize you to use your in-           network benefits with The UP Company (on a one client case basis).

What will we do to help my relationship?

Answer: After an assessment is completed we will show you proven ways healthy couples rebuild their relationship after upsets, learn what is hurtful to each other and how to better communicate your concerns and needs. 


Will we be asked to share our relationship concerns in front of other couples at the retreat with my church?

Answer: No, relationship activities are completed privately. Group games don't involve sharing private information.

Will we have time to go site seeing on our own at the retreat?

Answer: Yes, quality time is encouraged during the retreat. 3 - 4 hours of time is for recreation.

What types of activities are available during the retreat?

Answer: You will decide which couples activities you'd like to do. Examples: golf, horseback riding, massages, dance, water sports, mini golf, zip lining and dining.

Where is the retreat located?

Answer: The retreat location is onsite at your church or at a hotel. You may receive assistance from our travel agent. Hotel rooms for private retreats must include a separate living room suite (space for private relationship activities/coaching session).



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